“I was so scared about going for my interview, but the lady from Working Chance came with me and sat in on the interview with me. Working Chance speaks to the employer first, so they know our history and they are still prepared to give us a chance. If it was not for Working Chance, I’m sure they would not have given me a look in and we would all be stereotyped."

"After spending a long time in prison you come to expect everything to take a long time, but not with Working Chance. Before I knew it, I was at my interview and selling myself to my new employer. I am still employed at this position and I am very happy and very, very grateful to Working Chance for helping me along my life’s hard journey.”

“I never dreamt of getting into a real university.  Thanks for coming to the interview with me and giving me the confidence to apply.”

“I want to write to my MP to tell them to give you more money.”

“My manager is now looking to get funding to keep me on as a full-time receptionist, fingers crossed.  Thank you Working Chance, keep up the good work."

“Working Chance has helped me in identifying my abilities and in building up my confidence and self-worth.”

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity. If it weren't for you all I wouldn't have been where I am today. With lots of thanks and appreciation, and keep up the excellent work."

“I don’t snap at my kids so much since coming to Working Lunches. I talk to my kids more and I cuddle them because I’m feeling more relaxed and more comfortable with myself. I’ve got self-belief, I feel I can do anything, overcome the barriers.”

“They did a lot more for me that they should have, more than I expected. Everything they taught me has helped me at some point or another to get my life back on track. I can always call back, the door is always open.”

“Working Chance is more than a recruitment consultancy: it is passionate, it gives me a sense of value, it is excellent training. I don’t feel like an offender at Working Chance.”

Working Lunches got me out of my shell.”

“Meeting with other women makes me feel like a woman again, finding me again – not a mum, not a prisoner, me again.”

“The skills you learn here are for life."

"Thank you so much for your help and support, you are amazing."

“It gave me the belief that I could get somewhere, made me feel like I was a real person, not just a number. It gave me self-worth. They gave me the confidence to go forward.”

“It’s like a learning process where you kind of forgive yourself and try to move on with your life. What has happened to me can happen to anyone and I can’t do anything to change it, alt I can do is to try to move forward. I think it was really good working in the group and talking to other people in a similar situation as myself, it helps a lot.”  

"Since coming to Working Lunches I’m doing things I’ve never done in my life before, I’m being proactive and not so scared.”

“Working Chance has really opened doors for me.  I am more confident about disclosure now.”

“The staff are really keen and reliable. Coming here has been the best thing in my life!”