Candidate testimonials

"I was referred to Working Chance three weeks ago. I’ve had more input and help from them in three weeks than I’ve had in the past two and a half years. Working Chance took me for a job interview last week. I started work this week, working with homeless people and drug addicts, helping them to change like I did."
Sophie, on day release

"A couple of weeks ago I was referred to Working Chance and I haven’t looked back since. Within one week, Working Chance got me on a course doing exactly what I want to do: an NVQ Level 3 in Information Advice and Guidance, which includes a work placement and which will, most probably, lead to paid work. I started work last week.
Maggie, candidate

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Employer testimonials

"We’ve had experience working with subcontractors within the prison system,so this wasn’t totally new to us. Experience has shown us that serving offenders are very reliable – they want the job, the chance, and the money, and it shows. I’ve seen a real growth in B’s confidence over the months – the false bravado and bragging have disappeared and been replaced by a more natural person. As far as we are concerned, she is exactly the same as anyone else and a real asset to the firm."
Ross Barry, LMB Supplies

"I thought I was doing you a favour by hiring an ex-offender, but in fact you’ve done me the favour. I’ve changed my whole perception about hiring ex-offenders and been educated at the same time. I feel very humbled."
CEO, Housing Association

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